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If you haven’t heard the stories, Mark McClelland is a well renowned NASA astronaut who was also an aerospace engineer and technical assistant to the Apollo program manager during numerous missions to the amazingly large universe outside of earth. During his time at NASA, he was an integral part of numerous missions that showcased many other very public officials. He has finally decided to speak out about the truth when he ended up seeing a potential “figure” which was about 9-foot-tall during one of his “missions”.

Who is Clark McClelland?

Clark was assigned to the 1958 space program in Cape Canaveral and over the course of his career, he has launched and been a part of the viewing team of hundreds of spacecraft that has left the earth’s floor. He is the Aerospace Engineer and Technical Assistant that took part in the launch of the Apollo program and even has worked on numerous spacecraft as the operator. IN recent years, he has come to light and stepped forward about numerous spacecraft that are considered UFOs. Does this mean it’s an alien? While things that aren’t from this world do exist, Clark never claims that what he saw was, however, he has never denied the existence of extraterrestrial life being possible as well as never denied that anything seen wasn’t foreign when it came to strange sightings.

What Makes McClelland Credible?

First off, if you go to his website you can see that on his resume he has had numerous jobs that he worked on for NASA and the USAF (United States Air Force), as well as holding jobs for the Us Naval Instructor’s Institute, Buhl Planetarium of Science, Allegheny Observatory of the University of Pittsburgh, PA and even the Computer Data Corporation, Pittsburgh, PA.

He also was honorably discharged from the United States Navy after serving 8 years and also served with the Office of Naval Intelligence at Cape Canaveral and Patrick Air Force Base. With all of the knowledge and skills he’s displayed when it comes to the work done on various space missions. When he was working on a mission and saw the 9-foot entity greet astronauts that left unnamed, he kept quiet for years since the mission took place in 1991. That right there is a primary example of loyalty as well.

What Is Clark Doing Today?

These days, Clark has been working for years on his book in which he’s told all encounters and stories that he has had the luxury of participating in as well. He has been working hard to write his book which is self-published on and is available in an ePub e-book format. He is continuing his writing and working hard on getting the rest of the chapters completed, but his current book holds 10 different chapters and is titled The Stargate Chronicles (no pun intended to the popularly famous American and Canadian television show). He has been partaking over the years since he spoke out about his encounters and different controversies by appearing on talk shows on radio, as well as speaking to various YouTuber’s when being interviewed by fellow fanatics and supporters of extraterrestrial life and strange things that happen involving the paranormal.

About the Book

The Stargate Chronicles: Chapters 1-10 are available online through the Lulu self-publishing platform and they tell a tale of many controversial events that have taken place over the years and many of the events that take place are quite astonishing. This information is extremely useful for those who are in the UFO fan-space. At the same time, it tells other stories about his career while he was working for NASA and many of the training he went through during different jobs he performed for space shuttles as well. The book is the first segment of the final piece that is still being written.

Conclusion – Clark McClelland

With all of the controversy and conspiracy in the world, it’s no surprise that there are people who enjoy talking about UFO’s, and extraterrestrial life on other planets. At the same time, it’s also interesting that someone who worked for NASA actually comes forward to explain some of the incredible stories that are normally not only classified, but also that involve some of the heaviest topics like aliens and more. Being that there are plenty of listings that the government has possibly “shut down” including denying someone the credit that they deserve is something we’re not surprised to see either, as it has happened to numerous people that spoke out against conspiracy theories. So, what is your opinion on Clark McClelland?

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