Jason Momoa Stargate Atlantis [Ronon Dex]

Jason Momoa Playing Ronon Dex on Stargate Atlantis

If you’ve ever watched Stargate Atlantis, you may have recognized that Aquaman wasn’t the only role that housed environmentalist celebrity, Jason Momoa. Before he was busy taking on as chief of a savage tribal horde, saving a world in an underwater lair, shaving off his beard, or picketing in Hawaii, Jason Momoa was actually known as the fictional character in the sci-fi fantasy world known as Stargate, one of every fanatic’s longest-running favorite sci-fi dramas on television. 

Who is Ronon Dex?

Ronon Dex was one of the characters (played by Momoa) that is a Satedan, which is a race that’s from the Pegasus Galaxy who had a somewhat tribal but post-apocalyptical technological level. The planet Sateda was destroyed by the Wraith, which was a destructive race that destroyed many of the races in the galaxy. Let’s just say they were totally bad juju. Ronon Dex met the cast of Stargate Atlantis in the season 2 episode titled “Runner” because Ronon had been running for seven years after his planet was destroyed. It wasn’t long after he was discovered, he ended up replacing Aiden Ford on the team that Sheppard led. His character was pretty tribal (no wonder why he picked Cal Drogo) and thus Momoa and a lot of his fellow crew claimed that the character reminded them of Chewbacca from Star Wars, and that nickname ended up sticking, which is why sometimes Lt Col Sheppard ended up calling him “Chewy” from time to time.

When his home planet was first attacked by the Wraith, Ronon ended up being captured by them, because they noticed that he had more strength and resilience than most of the normal people on Sateda (somewhat superhuman). They ended up making him one of their runners by putting a tracking device on his upper back so they could continuously hunt him and train him. While he did this though, he learned a lot of survival tactics and ended up deciding to hunt the Wraith as well, by using his energy pistols that can either stun or kill his opponents when he so chooses. He also had a sword as a weapon and the hilt is made up of a Wraith jaw wrapped in Wraith hair, while the blade was made from an almost indestructible metal from a Wraith ship. 

Conclusion: Will Stargate Return?

Unfortunately, despite the cult following that emerged from watching the show Stargate Atlantis, Ronon Dex and the rest of the cast ended up parting ways as the show aired its last episode in 2009. While this wasn’t Momoa’s only acting gig (he’d been acting since about 1999 when he was Jason Ioane in the 1999-2001 seasons of Baywatch). While they ended up making a small prequel series known as Stargate Atlantis, the show has had numerous “branches” just like Star Trek did, and it is rumored that the creator of the show itself is working on new material to bring a new Stargate back to the public, but there has been no solid evidence other than a simple “We’re working on it” quote Brad Write himself.

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