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IF YOU DON’T BELIEVE in the existence of Unidentified Flying Objects, consider the phenomenon from my point of view. I am an insider and a trained aerospace engineer with over 61 years experience in the fields of space science and UFO research. Consider this expose from the standpoint of someone who played a major part in helping to fulfill President Kennedy’s commitment of landing American men on the moon and returning them safely to earth. Then — change your mind. Those who choose to ignore the truth can remain in a blissful dreamworld until reality hits the proverbial fan. The truth is fast approaching. The information in The Stargate Chronicles won’t let you be caught by surprise.

The truth may be new, but the facts and evidence are ancient. Some of the earliest stones in recorded history display strange objects in the ancient skies of earth. These objects weren’t birds or simple artistic renderings of the sun and stars. They were foreign and of unearthly origin, and were most probably UFOs used by the creators of the Human Race. I know what that statement sounds like to UFO skeptics and followers alike, but I ask both sides to please reserve your judgment until the whole story is told. If, in fact, the whole story can ever be told. Some of that is up to Them.

The Holy Bible, best-selling book of all ages, has numerous events recorded by writers of the gospel telling of unique aerial objects that defy imagination. The Book of Ezekiel describes one such object as “a wheel within a wheel.” Was Ezekiel describing a modern-day flying saucer? Are all these ancient records to be discounted, disregarded as fanciful misinterpretations of ordinary phenomena? Pure fantasy? Or is there a grain of some greater truth within these records?

I know there is. My story reveals astounding cosmic facts that indicate this planet has been and is being visited by forms of intelligence far more advanced than our own, coming from somewhere among the stars.

Until the release of The Stargate Chronicles, no other person working within the secretive inner circle of NASA at Kennedy Space Center (KSC) has had the courage to come forth with intimate data and historical facts concerning the knowledge NASA possesses of “nonexistent” craft — UFOs — unidentified flying objects that the US government refuses to acknowledge as already having been identified. Recently, former NASA astronaut and moon walker of Apollo 14, Dr. Edgar Mitchell, came forth with his belief that UFOs do most probably exist. Dr. Mitchell also stated he has spoken to several highly placed people, apparently in Washington, DC and/or the Pentagon, who said the famous Roswell UFO crash did actually happen, and that indeed, the craft was of alien origin. In company with Dr. Mitchell, other famous NASA astronauts have stated their positive belief. Among them, retired Colonel L. Gordon Cooper — who had a sighting of his own — an exclusive member of the Original Seven Astronauts and the first to publicly state to the United Nations his belief in the existence of UFOs; and Dr. Story Musgrave, six mission Space Shuttle Astronaut, who may not have had a personal sighting, but has made his position concerning extraterrestrial life very clear — that of being one of openness and public disclosure, should he ever witness a UFO. To all outward appearances, it would seem he believes he is “up there” to learn the truth, not to hide it.

Clark C. McClelland and Bob Lazar

Anyone still on the fence about the existence of UFOs must contend with the testimonies of these respected and honored men. Many accept the ways of the Bible, never having seen David kill Goliath, or Moses during the Exodus of the Tribes of Israel from Egypt — yet they believe what is written with conviction and passion. Mitchell and Cooper are two rational, accomplished representatives of our national space program, two scientifically trained NASA astronauts, disclosing their personal knowledge of the existence of UFOs — yet some will not accept their testimony. (More testimonies and quotes are listed in the Those Who Know section.)

The logic in one’s skepticism or impassioned belief is always rightly in question. However, the credibility of these witnesses and believers is rock solid. They have no reason to fabricate anything, and many reasons to keep their beliefs (and close encounters) in this area to themselves. The same can be said for myself, but I will hold my tongue no longer.

The sad state of many UFO books and documentaries today is that of merely retelling a story over and over, actually doing a disservice to the UFO cause by boring people to death. One can only read so many books on Roswell or Area-51 until one’s head implodes from lack of information. This book is different. It contains new, never-before-released material. It will not only satisfy the appetite of the UFO community (and general public) for new data, but also stimulate a desire to know more.

Experience what I have experienced, the truth, from the inside. I hope you will be as amazed and awakened as I was when I first lived through these events, and as I still am as I continue to relive them. As they say on the X-Files, “The Truth is Out There.” Now it is also In Here.

Remember This:

History is created, manipulated, and written by those who are predominantly on the victorious side of the nation which has supreme political — and especially military — dominance. Any “truth” which has the slightest potential of weakening their total hold over the masses is not tolerated. Any truth which can impact their power is squelched or cunningly hidden by them — usually in a manufactured media release to the unsuspecting public, often in a jovial manner to render the information a laughing matter and display it as harmless.

Visits to earth by UFOs and their crews have been reported since ancient times and all throughout history. The frequency of sightings has increased over the last five decades. All have been portrayed officially by the cunning revisionists of history as a joke. After all, who will believe something as fact if placed in the category of humor?

The US government will, if necessary, implement whatever it takes to keep the public from learning the truth about these important cosmic events. Perhaps there is a legitimate military reason for total secrecy, particularly if the Pentagon has no means of combating these forces, perhaps a reason so ominous that they surmise the human race cannot handle the truth.

To counter public interest and demands for the release of UFO information, the military and federal government create and employ buzzwords like “National Security” to protect against forced public disclosure. Have you ever asked yourself why? When both claim UFOs do not exist? How long will it be before the human race awakens from its comatose state? Alien races have been here for a very long time. It is very possible our entire race was created by them. This Web site only begins to tell the true story, and my future book will reveal much more.


  1. Dear Mr. McClelland, my name is Vivian, and I have seen you on youtube, and listened to what you have to say. I have always know since little that we are not alone. I know for a fact there are many races out there. We are the only race with such emotion is one reason why they are abducting us, for their studies and to try to be like us through DNA. Also some races out there are dying, so is why they are making hybrids. Half human and half their race. I have nothing to offer, but can tell you I will stand with you. Everything you say is true, because I know is true, the lies, the with-hold from Government. Fema camps, martial law etc..There is so much to say and talk about. If only you need an ear, I am here to listen, even to talk. Please e-mail me if you wish. Thank you, for posting and being the person that you are and your courage, but mostly thank you so much for all that you have gone through, and the services you have held. I solute to you. Sincerely, Vivian.

  2. thank you!! for stepping forward with truth. it takes courage.blessings of light
    and divine protection.

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