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The human race is on the threshold of a new millennium, a new age. Our brave Astronauts and Cosmonauts have only just stepped into a realm that will test our intellectual capacities and technological capabilities, and hone them to the degree we must possess to survive. We can now consider ourselves a cosmic member of a very elite group of planets exploring star cultures.

The day will arrive when the governments of earth will finally admit we are not alone, that humans have come face to face with other lifeforms from the cosmos. Will we shoot first and ask questions later? Will our fears stall the inevitable encounter, and place yet another entry, another wound, upon our known dark history of terrible violence?

Was such a reaction demonstrated as we fired our SDI weapons at the unidentified ships escaping back into space during the STS-48 Space Shuttle mission in 1991? (There will be more on this astounding incident in the book.) Will the weapons of other lifeforms some day be targeted at our own human aggression and ignorance? We had better hope and pray they do not.

Space, and the infinity it has to offer, will afford us the opportunity to explore, learn, and do what we can only now imagine. Star Trek will become realty. Our future chosen leaders must have the vast hearts of cosmic statesmen, not the cold hammers of past earthly dictators. We will need more leaders like George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Susan B. Anthony, Mahatma Gandhi, Akhenaten, Martin Luther King, Confucius, and other excellent personages of human history, all part of OUR mixed races on earth who considered peace, freedom and liberty the right of every living creature. Only then shall we here on earth arrive at the true “Promised Land” which it is actually OUT THERE!. This list has many newer important names. Please read and view who they are.

Clark McClelland


In my many years (63) as a UFO investigator, I’ve been able to study the various aspects of this unique field of science that may someday hold the key to the creation of the human race. Many have contributed their professional status, reputations and lives to this research, and to uncovering the truth about the greatest mystery of all time — to answering the grandest question: “Are we alone?” NO we are NOT alone. I and another witness have observed a Tall Alien Creature in the Space Shuttle with two NASA Astronauts on two separate occasions. Are we both seeing things? Of course not. The following list are some, but not all, of the pioneers that eventually will prevail.

  • Edgar Mitchell, NASA Astronaut/PhD., knows Aliens exist.
  • My beloved VCR, xoxoxo and my valued friend, MD
  • Edgar Mitchell, NASA Astronaut/PhD., knows Aliens exist.
  • Story Musgrave, NASA Astronaut/MD, knows aliens exist
  • Dr. Wernher von Braun, viewed an alien body and craft at Roswell. Was involved with NAZI Die Glocke (Bell) project, Apollo Lunar Program.
  • Dr. Hermann Oberth, knew of “Other Intelligences” and was involved in the Nazi Die Glocke project.
  • Dr. Kurt Debus, German Scientist, KSC, Director. “Other Intelligences”. He was the Nazi Director of the Die Glocke (Bell) advance propulsion project. He and General Hans Kammler.
  • Dr. Walther Riedel, German Scientist and Director, C.S. I. in California
  • LeRoy. Gordon Cooper, NASA Astronaut, knew aliens exist
  • James Irwin, NASA Astronaut, Apollo 15. Moon UFOs
  • Mark Brown, NASA Astronaut, STS-48 mission and UFOs
  • Ellison Onizuka, NASA Astronaut, STS-51-L, & McClellan AFB Aliens.
  • General Nathan Twining, Roswell, USAAF, observed the Roswell alien and craft.
  • President Richard Nixon/Jackie Gleason, Homestead AFB aliens
  • Dr. J. Robert Oppenheimer, saw the Roswell Alien and craft and knew aliens existed.
  • Dr. Hubertus Strughold, German Space Medical Scientist saw the Roswell alien and craft. He was also deeply involved in the Nazi Glocke Project.
  • Kenneth Arnold, Flying Saucer Pioneer. Gave us UFOs in 1947.
  • Donald E. Keyhoe, Major, USMC/Director of NICAP
  • Richard Hall, Author/UFO Researcher (Original NICAP staff)
  • Jesse Marcel, Major, USAAC
  • Albert Chop, UFO Pioneer Investigator/Journalist
  • Leonard H. Stringfield, UFO Investigator/Author
  • Gordon Creighton, UFO Researcher/Publisher
  • James McDonald, Scientist/PhD.
  • Phillip J. Corso, Lt. Colonel, USA
  • J. Allen Hynek, Scientist/PhD.
  • Aime Michell, Author and early UFO expert
  • Max Flindt, Mankind- Child of the Stars
  • Maurice Chatelaine, NASA and knowledge of UFOs
  • Reverend Barry Downing, The Bible and UFOs
  • Ivan T. Sanderson, Writer and UFO knowledge.
  • Timothy Goode, Author, UFO Investigator. UK
  • Colin Andrews, Crop Circle expert and UFO investigator, UK
  • Pat Delgado, Crop Circle expert, UFO investigator, UK
  • Don Berliner, Author/UFO Researcher (Original NICAP staff)
  • Coral and Jim Lorenzon, UFO Researchers/Authors
  • Bud Hopkins, Hypnotist/UFO Researcher/Author
  • Bill Hamilton, Military Expert/UFO Researcher/Author
  • Stan Gordon, UFO Researcher/Video Producer
  • Robert M. Collins, Author, the excellent book: “Exempt from Disclosure”
  • Robert (Bob) Jacobs, Lt. USAF/PhD.
  • Dr. Jacques Vallee, UFO Researcher/Author
  • Florenz J. Mansmann, Major, USAF/PhD.
  • John Fuller, UFO Researcher/Author
  • Jerome Clark, Author/UFO Researcher
  • Betty and Barney Hill
  • Jeff Challender, He shared UFO and Alien NASA knowledge with Clark
  • Paola Harris, Photo Journalist, and my GOOD friend
  • The original Staff of NICAP and all those who investigated and those who witnessed and disclosed testimony regarding the Roswell UFO incident in New Mexico, 1947.

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