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For excerpts and a feel for the content in The Stargate Chronicles, please visit the section on Incidents, as well as the other sections of this site, listed at left.

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Open Letter To Prospective Publishers

For excerpts and a feel for the content in The Stargate Chronicles, please visit the section on Incidents, as well as the other sections of this site, listed at left.To all Publishers and those associated:I have compiled a large list of very exciting, controversial events and assembled them as a book proposal. The majority is still to be completed for publication.The information I compiled is very impressive and perhaps startling to some. Much will be regarded as new and fresh to the UFO community. I am certain the earth is being visited by several alien cultures. The evidence is too overwhelming to assume otherwise.My book will Chronicle all the important events involved with astronaut sightings of unknown and unidentified objects, flying or otherwise. The Kennedy Space Center is the port for launching our intelligence into the universe, intelligence that will someday lead to an inevitable contact with the “Other Intelligences” who explore stellar realms. The two launch bases I was so intimately involved with for most of my life can rightfully be called the Stargate to the great mysteries we as a human race will encounter. Flying near Jupiter or out beyond our wildest dreams, flitting among the stars of the great Constellation of Orion, the Big Dipper or the beautiful Pleiades. Out there, will we find the Romulans or Klingons? Whatever our future may hold, it is certain that more events will go down as Stargate Chronicles in our expanding history as a race of cosmic explorers.The Stargate Chronicles will be popular in the significant book purchasing marketplace, combining and stimulating the interests of UFOlogists, new age enthusiasts and those who enjoy reading science fact and fiction. Star Trek and Star Wars fans will love it. The general public will show a large degree of curious and investigative interest. The Stargate Chronicles will provide a true cosmic adventure that will fill every void of the curious reader’s mind, and be as compelling as the fiction Tom Clancy has successfully provided in the spy-novel/action/adventure genre. Few readers will be able to put it down or part with their astonishment once they begin to discover what has actually happened in space.

As the truth regarding UFOs draws near, this book will claim its rightful place as a truly inspired and well documented work. Its revelations will sweep the adventurous and curious readers into a cosmic reality and take them on a whirlwind tour of all I have uncovered. The book should leave them feeling as if they just experienced the real X-Files while being taken for a ride on a comet’s tail.

Please address all inquiries to my email and I will respond as soon as I can.

Clark C. McClelland


  1. Clark,

    Do you have a complete book published. I would like to buy it. Is ten chapters the whole book? or do you plan to publish more… do you have other books and where can I get them?

  2. Hi! Heard you on Project Camelot last night and just bought Chapters 1-10 of you book. Can’t wait to read it. Your information is astonishing! I do feel that all Whistleblowers and such who risk everything in coming forward are the true patriots.
    Do you allow printing options for those of us who would rather not have to read from a computer/android screen?
    We await the unfolding of your invaluable truth!
    I wish you and your loved ones a most wonderful positive future despite the negativity :). Thank you for your courage and spirit of a true warrior of the Light.

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