Chapter 11 from the Book “Stargate Chronicles”: Major Charles Wilson and Captain Thomas Mantell: The 1948 UFO Connection

By Clark C. McClelland.

“Blackwell and several other military men also observed a white object in the sky. Blackwell alerted the Base Commanding Officer, Colonel Guy Hix and Major Charlie Wilson, the base Flight Operations Officer and both became aware of the ongoing event. He and Colonel Hix both observed the object and Hix said it resembled a large white parachute glaring in the brightness of the sun. They observed it with binoculars. They both agreed it appeared to be white and about a fourth (25 %) the size of the full moon. Wilson said it appeared to be stationary for
a long period of time and then would change position. He initially thought it was a bright star or a planet. Charlie said that the object was visible for at least four to five hours and could be seen into the night sky.”

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