Chapter 12 from the Book “Stargate Chronicles”: My Friend, NASA Astronaut and First NASCAR Lunar Rover Car Driver Sees UFOs above the Moon

By Clark C. McClelland.

He continued, “Clark, whatever those things were they had intelligence; performing tight angular dives and port and starboard sweeps above us.” He used U.S. Naval Aviator lingo with Starboard and Aft terminology. Jim graduated from the U.S Naval Academy at Annapolis in 1951 and chose to join the U.S.A.F. to serve his military career. He said, “Only an advanced technology that appeared to him to be beyond earthly capabilities as evidenced by those ob- jects could direct itself in flight as they displayed. They were flying under intelligent control and seemed to be propelled; yet it did not appear that they had our developed chemically fueled rocket engine propulsion for thrust as we do as they zoomed over our heads above the Lunar Module. We heard no sound of thrust or otherwise due to our protective lunar helmets block- ing any sounds. They were very fast critters.”

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