Chapter 13 from the Book “Stargate Chronicles”: The Cape Kennedy-Kecksburg UFO Connection – Part 1 & 2

By Clark C. McClelland.

“It was then I heard Bean again question the crew in an uplink, “GT-7, what is the estimated distance and size?” Lovell replied by stressing, “We also have the booster in sight!” With this comment it verified UFOs were being observed, whether alien or otherwise. My reaction was WOW they are tracking the booster and other unidentified objects. I was in anticipation of other exciting comments when I heard another statement come from one of the engineers at his launch control center console, “We have got some UFOs!” This was not a good comment to make with U.S.A.F. and NSA officers who were only a short distance away. It was then that NASA Astronaut Alan Bean muted out the open system commentary up and down link being received through the S-Band Transponder System. It originated from the Gemini 7 crew above and on orbit. I supposed Alan had received orders through his headset from NASA top management or even possibly from Colonel John Albert, U.S.A.F. Chief of the Gemini Launch Vehicle USAF Aerospace Division Wing, to immediately mute communications from being heard by all at the cape and keep it exclusively between the Geminis’s crew and Cap Com.”

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