Chapter 16 from the book “Stargate Chronicles”: Onizuka Statement: Aliens and a Surprise Disclosure from a Challenger Astronaut

By Clark C. M Clelland.

“This is disclosure from Onizuka, a NASA Astronaut that died in the Challenger sabotage. Prior to the fateful destruction by sabotage of the Space Shuttle Challenger, I was fortunate to have met with many of the crew. These Astronauts included, Astronaut Judy Resnik, Astronaut Ellison Onizuka, and the entire crew who launched with them that ominous day on the 28th January, 1986. I was at the Vehicle Assembly Building (VAB) at Shuttle Launch Pad-39 trying to obtain a new set of blueprints for a Launch Control Center modification when I met Ellison at the drawing files.”

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