Chapter 8 from the Book “Stargate Chronicles”: “Were these incidents the Reality of Reagan’s Prophecy?”

By Clark C. McClelland.

“On September 16, 1991, I was called at my home by a second shift engineer while he was in the Space Shuttle Operations Room. He had awakened me at about 2:30 PM. He began to describe several new objects he had observed from about 4:45 to 5:12 a.m. He described similar strange flights much like those I had witnessed on September 12 and again on the 15th. He also detailed how one object was once again fired at by some sort of weapons system as it flew from the lower left of the television screen to the upper right. He told me that the earthly weapon was not successful in scoring a hit on the strange object.”

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  1. Dear sir, am having trouble trying to donate via paypal. This seems to happen often even tho I have account. Any way you speak and witnessed the truth. Very very soon another move will be made in this grand chess game. Too bad most will believe it the second coming. There is much deception to confuse the masses. questmor58

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