Chapter 6 from the Book “Stargate Chronicles”: A Tribute to Honor UFOlogist, Leonard H. Stringfield and My Connection to Him

By Clark C. McClelland

“Describing the crash scene KA said, “I thought I was on a set in Hollywood with the entire search lights, etc.” But my fantasy was soon dashed and he said, “Because of the terrible stench in the crash area, and watching one of the military members regurgitate. The stench was like pungent battery acid mixed with ammonia.” Schaefer said that KA made these comments to him regarding the desert-like landing site. While his chopper was still at the landing site yet another chopper landed. At least four men got out of it wearing laboratory white coveralls and coats. He tried to take a picture of one of the new arrivals but was told angrily, “Don’t take a picture of me and only take what you were told to take.” The second chopper landed much closer to that of KA’s location scattering sand from its prop wash. He protected his camera lenses from damage. While KA was taking pictures of the saucer on the ground he saw a silver or aluminum-colored metallic box on the ground that was about 3 feet long and 1 and 1/2 feet high that had numbers printed on it.”

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