Clark McClelland Made An Appearance On The Jeff Rense Radio Program (Audio)

Clark spoke with Jeff Rense of on april 21, 2010 about President Obama’s decision to change NASA’s goals for the next decades, the Nixon/Gleason ET Case and about the TR-3B triangle craft among other things.

Duration: 39 min 42 sec – File Type: .mp3

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  1. In July of 1969, the day Apollo 11 was launched, I was lightly asleep next to my husband when I had an experience which was terrifying and unique. My brain was suddenly taken over by a feeling of terrific gravitational acceleration – I thought my brain was about to explode and the feeling was horrible—then suddenly, the voice of a man exploded in my brain, “This is a spaceship,” It may have been repeated a second time. Then there were a large number of voices all talking at the same time. I clearly recognized this, after awakening, as the NASA control room where the operators are all speaking individually through their instruments (as shown on TV from time to time). I came to full consciousness after this terror and immediately looked at my husband’s watch. It 4:00 p.m. daylight saving time. We were living on an island out in the Atlantic. The next morning, a news item on the radio said that the Apollo 11 had been launched the previous day and that the radio broadcast which accompanied it was the most powerful one ever made on Earth!

    One of the astronauts was into psychic research; he may have made the broadcast. Can you throw any light on this Clark, was there an experement of this kind broadcast? Barbara C.

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  3. We need to be expanding our knowledge of the cosmos, not closing ourselves off to the reality of ET’s ‘out there’ or on this earth. Obama was wrong to disband and or change NASA’s goals for decades to come?! Humans are stuck in reality TV, pure lunacy,
    while the universe passes us by…

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