Clark McClelland on The Jeff Rense Radio Show

Clark spoke with Jeff Rense of on March 29, 2012, about the giant entities seen on space shuttle missions as well as several other space and ET related topics.

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  1. Have tried to contact you once, however, your mention of consistent ‘monitoring’ provoked concern that my first inquiry never got through. I’m about 60% done with writing a novel, footnoted with references, that would benefit from your already stated material. Due to security concerns, I did not want to send anything, even my background papers, until I know we can communicate. I’m experiencing significant problems myself with my emails not getting through due to interference from unknown parties. Please confirm transmission, if interested, at above address. Otherwise, I’m in New Orleans at 504 858-7717 or 773 987 2106. Regards, Rob

  2. I have seen the pictures of the towers on the back side of the moon in books from the early seventies if I remember the right decade and they do not appear translucent as were seen near the mining operation.I was a member of NICAP until it went out of circulation by the way.I new about Roswell in the mid sixties from the book Stranger THAN Science by EDWARDs.I do have a patent for a new type of luner shelter going back to 1973 when first applied for and accepted by the way in spite of having very low confidence and shyness at the time with only a grade 12 education.Anyway pl try allicin-c for your infection using at least ten capsules a day and pl see a naturepath. Thankyou

  3. My friend and classmate, Jule, and I had a close encounter with a UFO in April of 1952 in Moulrie, Ga. during recess when we were 4th grade students at Central Elementary School. It was in the morning of a beautiful spring day without a cloud in the sky. Jule saw the saucer first and said, “Look! There’s a disk!” I looked toward the southwestern sky where he pointed and saw a tiny circular object headed toward us at an incredible speed. The huge UFO hovered directly above us and apparently observed us for several minutes. I now know we were abducted by greys who can manipulate time itself. We were gone for weeks but returned to the same moment in time when we were abducted. If u want to know more, contact me.

  4. Dear Ginny, What an astounding sighting ! I would like to hear more detaisl Yours was even closer than mine !! How about a phyhsical description ?? Please-mail me at or call me at 979-696-8944—–I am curious to know if it was the same type craft i saw——- Oren

  5. Hi Oren,
    Clark says to tell you hi and thanks for the wonderful gift of the glasses. He finally got a new pair after twenty years with the same prescription. You are a greatly respected and admired person for helping in such a wonderful way! Look for the four-leaf clover he sent. I saw two of them land in 1997 while another one hovered in the early morning sky just north of the two that wre landed on or near the ground slowly rose and flew within 20 feet of where i watched as the one passed at treetop level over a neighbor’s tree and the other one stopped and hoverd ten feet above ground in the other neighbor’s yard only 30 feet from where iI was. It was something I will never forget either.

  6. Clark gave me one of his pictures of the Lunar Lander with the piece of gold foil from it—-He has a great message if he can only get it published ! I have caught NASA censoring their downlinks from shuttle missions, and I am a witness of a UFO At close range ( 100 ft ) way back in 1955-it hovered overhead for 15 minutes before slowly flying away, leaving a very disappointed witness behind ! I was hoping they would land and talk to me and hated to see them leave!

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