Chasing Juno

The following is an incident from “The Stargate Chronicles”, my future book. These incidents are a small part of a greater story, but with them, the Big Picture begins to unfold.

Several years before the Atlas incident in September of 1964, a Juno II rocket had been launched by the Army Ballistic Missile Agency at Cape Canaveral, Florida. German Scientist, Dr. Wernher von Braun was assigned to this agency in Huntsville, Alabama. The “buzz” around the Cape was that the Juno II, which was having tests run on the ablative shield applied to its nosecone, was accompanied by “visitors” which followed it into the earth’s atmosphere upon reentry.

Left: Dr. Adolph Knothe. Right: Dr. DeBus and Dr. Knothe.

I requested a meeting with Dr. Adolph Knothe, the NASA Senior Scientists at his Cape Canaveral Office and went to speak with him.

The ignition of Juno II (AM-19A). Juno II (AM-19) successfully placed a physics and astronomy satellite, Explorer VII, in orbit on October 13, 1959

He and I had discussed UFOs, the Lost Continent of Atlantis, and other strange topics prior to my visit. As I entered his office, I asked if he could please verify some of the scuttle butt passing around the Cape saying a Juno had been followed into our atmosphere upon reentry by unknowns. He said, sit down, Clark. He locked his office door. He went to a large, framed photograph of a Jupiter C on his wall and removed it. He took the back panel off the photograph. He removed another photo behind that Jupiter C and placed it on his table. I was studying it, and he said what do you see on it, Clark? I said a reentry nosecone and many other reentry vehicles following it. He said correct. He said “another intelligence” was monitoring our Juno as it sent the nose cone into the atmosphere!

You are looking at that “Other Intelligence” as they fly through the atmosphere of earth observing our Juno nose cone.

I gasped, do you mean, —-? Dr. Knothe said yes, aliens are watching us very closely.

The nosecone left quite a streak, resembling a fireball as it reentered atmosphere. Remarkably, the UFOs seemed to behave as if atmospheric friction was not an issue.

I was working on a launch tower steel modification assignment when Dr. von Braun and other former German Scientists were doing an on-site inspection near Launch Pad 5. I had an opportunity to introduce myself to him, Dr. Kurt DeBus, Director of the ABMA Launch Team at the Cape, and Dr. Grune, his deputy. As Dr. DeBus walked ahead of von Braun and me, I asked him, “Dr. von Braun, is it true that a Juno II we launched from here had other unknown craft accompany it back into the earth’s atmosphere?”

He looked at me with a bit of surprise, and said, “Young man, yes we had such an encounter with a power that appears advanced beyond ours here. Stronger than we have assumed and unknown to us where their base is located. I cannot say much more other than we are entering into a closer contact with these unknown powers and perhaps within a short time, a few months or so of time, we will be capable of saying more.” I must have had my lower jaw hit the ground when I heard these statements. I shook his hand and returned to my assignments. Later, I would learn that he made a similar statement while visiting his homeland of Germany. I personally withheld this astounding disclosure for many years due to my utmost respect for this pioneer of space travel.


  1. To Vic:
    The rest of your story is that the Nordics (peaceful and supposedly honorable and not looking to gouge the USA at that time) offered Ike a deal whereby the US/western-power allies had to forego further development, testing and deployment of nuclear weapons. For the Nordics side of the deal, they would open benevolent technology to the US. Ike said, “NO” because he (and/or his “advisors” / controllers) felt heady with nukes in their arsenal.

    However, the “greys” had no such ethical & moralistic qualms. They struck an agreement with Ike (the “Jewish Swede” as he was called by academy mates) whereby the greys would do experiments on Americans they’d abduct, and on animal ‘specimens’ (e.g., mutilated cattle). In return for such “permission” (which they never actually needed because their superior technology let them run roughshod) the greys agreed to trickle (my word) some technology to the US war machine. The greys did and have been rationing out portions of “advanced technology”. Otherwise, they’re not in the habit on fully honoring their erstwhile agreement, and have breached it whenever, wherever, however at their convenience for their sole advantage.

    If you research, you’ll find this. You’ll also find that the Nordics warned Ike and his coterie against doing any business with “treacherous” greys. The Nordics offered an assisting hand. The greys are here strictly to exploit.

  2. Dear Mr McClelland, It has been disclosed that President Eisenhower had 3 contacts with aliens and mentioned is made of 2 different types – the ones known as the “greys” and another called the “nordics” and that some type of treaty (probably exchange of technology) was concluded with the “greys” as the talks with the “nordics” did not produce any agreemant. Do you have any knowledge of this and, if so, could you elaborate on the reasons for the “greys” preference over the ‘nordics”?
    Thank you for your time and look forward to your elucidation.

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