Hyper Drive UFOs

The following is an incident from “The Stargate Chronicles”, my future book. These incidents are a small part of a greater story, but with them, the Big Picture begins to unfold.

Yes, I have witnessed Hyper Drive UFOs

For those visiting this exciting website, I now inform them that “yes”, I have had the good fortune of personally seeing unidentified flying objects on several occasions. Were they of alien origin? At this time, I cannot say.

In November 1995, I had a very unique sighting of two large globes (or discs bottom up) during my return to a resort owned by a friend on the coast of Ambergris Caye, Belize, Central America. Many strange aerial objects have been observed over Belize throughout the years. The native Mayans have related other events to me occurring in the skies over this island. It’s an excellent area to test advanced military aircraft or other aerial vehicles.

I was with four other witnesses that evening when two bright fast moving lights caught our attention flying between Castor and Pollux, the two brightest stars in the constellation Gemini. Being a trained astronomer since age twelve, I’m very familiar with star fields.

As the two objects flew from Northwest to Southeast each one emitted, or launched, a bright pale off-white bar, (resembling a beam of light), which was observed projecting from the leading edge of each object, and preceding them in flight. The beams preceding each object I estimated at several thousand feet in length. Maybe more. They were flying one behind the other at an unknown distance. We heard no sound and I estimated their size at twice the dimension of the US Space Shuttle.

The objects appeared to be in low earth orbit, or possibly very high altitude within the atmosphere. Each of the globes/discs color was a bright, soft white and did not appear metallic. As each released/formed another beam of light, each craft appeared to “ride it” like a rail and as each beam neared its end, another was formed ahead of each. We watched them for approximately three to four minutes until they went out of sight over the horizon.

The question arises, if these craft were “riding” a light beam, it may possibly indicate an advanced propulsion capability by converting photon energy into inertia to propel the craft at speeds approaching the speed of light (or what is normally called Warp Drive in today’s terminology).

The sighting was especially intriguing due to the nature and behavior of the “beams” being produced and used for what appeared to be their propulsion mechanism. It was both fascinating and mysterious even with all the experience I have had with rockets and spacecraft. I searched for years unable to locate a scientist or physicist willing to openly venture a theory concerning the energy source both were using, until I placed my search on the Internet. Then a group involved in what they call the “Onion Drive Double Helix System”, made contact with me. Until then, I was not able to venture a guess as to what I had viewed above Belize, Central America. What Jeff Savage, an engineer with an interest in physics and his team have disclosed to me has since created the realization that their concept of an advanced energy source for space travel may now be a reality. Especially those untethered to the military and government bureaucracy, those who are advancing the Onion Drive technology.

I’ve been asked many times, if these craft were alien technology being flown by aliens, or alien technology being flown by US Naval/USAF pilots, back-engineered here on earth? All I can add to this report is that I was “informed” by a person prior to leaving for Central America to watch the skies to the Northwest above Belize on the night I observed them for a display of advanced technology. Apparently that source knew something would be tested in Belize skies that night. The source also indicated that this technology, U. S., foreign (alien) or otherwise would be flown by pilots of the United States military. This person was knowledgeable of the location of Ambergris Island and the Central American test area. Sorry about the anonymity, but as with all other golden tidbits of covert information, we must respect these valuable sources and their wishes for continuance of their paychecks, and in more delicate situations, their next birthdays.

If anyone, (physicist, scientist, etc.) reading this report wishes to communicate with me concerning the “Onion Drive System” or this incident please contact me. For more of my inside Kennedy Space Center eye witness disclosures please continue on to the next incident listed on this website.

For a more detailed description of the “Onion Drive System” click here.


  1. Hi, just wanted to ask, if you were aware of the time and location of these flight tests, did you not think to take any video or photographs. If you did, and I would presume anyone would have, given the opertunity you had, can we see them?

  2. Mr. McClelland,

    I have seen UFOs in Ecuador, my home country, it is not “tabu” here, I find it amazing that we share the universe, Do they come in peace or are a threat to us?

  3. Currently there seems to be various technological race applying different technology for propulsion system for either galactic or intergalactic drive. For you to assume that all of them uses the same principle for propulsion is not correct. The onion drive in question might be only one drive developed by one advance society. I appreciate your account of such propulsion but don’t assume that onion might be the one for all galactic travel. Quote from Pleiadian, describe accelerating to speed of light using their beam ship and uses gravitons to focus beam of energy which enable them to phase shift to a null time continuum for only 5 pico seconds and materialize at any point of their destination. What I want to say is that even though we are infants in space travel comparable to the galactic’s we the human race can engineer an effective star drive with our current technological level but we seem to be content with our lives here on Earth!
    Okyere, Kwame

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