The Polarized Vacuum “Onion Drive” Propulsion System

The information offered on this webpage is a very brief look at a UFO drive system that will help to explain the “hyper drive UFO” phenomenon, whereby UFO craft are observed to project a beam of energy ahead of them and appear to ride into that beam – and thus are pulled rather than propelled by the UFOs generated forces. Certainly this is how it appears in the video footage of the “hyper-drive” UFOs observed and filmed over Mexico in the 1990’s (and subsequently shown on British TV), and in the observation of this pulling force by Clark McClelland (Former ScO, Space Shuttle Fleet, KSC, Florida – USA) in his “hyper drive” UFO sighting. The brief details below are based on technical information research-developed recently regarding a The Double-Helix “Onion Drive” System and was sourced to me on 18 May 2003 by Jeff Savage an engineer/researcher and his associate Richard Robson a physics consultant. Some of the technical conclusions for this project (alluded to briefly below) could not have been made without the additional input from physicist Warren York I might add, and an additional mention is in order for Clark McClelland in subsequently attracting Dr. Hal Puthoff’s attention (at the Institute For Advanced Studies – Austin, Texas) to the details of this unique energy generation system.

The UFO “Onion Drive” System

This is one case where the pull of a “propeller” can be a thousand times more efficient than the thrust of a jet engine. This propeller being a rotating electrical plasma propelled ahead of the craft in short pulses, which creates an imbalance with the ambient gravitational field that the craft is literally sucked into.

What those, who have observed these beam ships over Europe, Mexico and Belize and have shown to the world in film shots aired on TV programs, is a new and spectacular form of propulsion, a new form of propulsion that most physicists on this planet are at pains to explain – because it does not follow the Earth’s ancient Newtonian laws of motion (as you will see from the paper offered by Dr. Hal Puthoff at the bottom of this webpage). Perhaps though this form of propulsion is the key to most all of the different drive systems used by the myriad types of UFO that have arrived in and around our Earth’s atmosphere.

From a study of the very comprehensive technical information and diagrams supplied recently by Jeff Savage and his associate Richard Robson it soon became apparent, to me at least, that although there are many different designs to observed UFOs most all of them share a common set of attributes regarding the energy flow configuration they use to move through the air with, even though each individual design of UFO arrives at that energy flow configuration in different ways. Consequent to the above discovery it would seem that the various drive systems of UFOs, whether disc shaped or orb/globe shaped, all generate a rotating EM field which at its source in the center of the craft, is configured in such a way as to disassociate, or disassemble, atomic particles so that an imbalance is created within the craft with respect to positive and negative charges and also with respect to the ambient atmosphere external to the craft 1. At the same time by generating this rotating magnetic field – that is now turning a polarized electrical field (confined within the center of the craft) – the whole EM field is speeded up until there results a vortex ‘jet’ or ‘filament’ extending out from the top (usually straight up from the top but it can be angled) of the UFO.

By the very laws of electromagnetism, once the vortex filament is generated it becomes extremely stable, because of it’s plasma’s associated magnetic fields and the pinch effect in those fields (much in the same way a tornado’s rotating electrically charged sheath becomes self-confining once it has been established).

The vortex filament with it’s potential ‘electrical vacuum’ reacts with the curvature of the metallic upper dome of the craft to induce a reaction in the surrounding air corresponding to the shape and angle of projection of the vortex filament 2. The control of this reaction of the vortex filament with the surrounding air, or the aether’s zero point energy field, is the secret to the control of the UFO’s apparent manipulation of gravity. This control amounts to the same as in the example of the black hole that sucks anything within reach of it’s event horizon towards it’s point of singularity. Only in this case, in the case of the UFO, only a finite section of that ‘black hole’ it creates ahead of it is traversed before that vortex filament is allowed to die out, this is then replaced by another pulse of the vortex filament which is projected into the air further ahead of the UFO and so on. Hence this sort of sighting where the UFO repeatedly pumps a “bar of light” into it’s own path of travel – these bars of light are pulses of electrically-polarized rotating plasma luminesced by the plasma’s extremely high electric charges.

Why only in short pulses ? Our atmosphere is curved and if the UFO needs to travel around the curve of the earth it needs to fire short pulses modifying their trajectory as it goes – otherwise it would shoot off in a straight line and disappear into space. The bars of light or beams projected ahead of the craft are exactly as you describe in your sighting – ridden – by the UFO for several thousands of yards almost to their end before another beam of rotating plasma is projected at a slightly different trajectory further ahead of it.

From what I’ve seen so far, there are three different modes of UFO travel; sky-hook mode (which is when you get the bobbing movement and the UFO glows red or orange), rotating plasma beam mode, and folding space mode (the latter being extremely dangerous in untrained hands, involving the manipulation of not only gravity but also of the very fabric of Space-Time) – this mode also goes somewhat under the heading of FTL (faster-than-light) travel with all it’s ‘strange to our physics’ ramifications.

Gravitational g-forces for the occupants of such craft ? Creates it’s own forces that counteract gravity within it’s own protective zone around the craft’s center (outside of which the occupants would really feel the effects of gravity).

Strictly speaking this projected beam UFO drive system is not an “anti-gravity” one, and is a system that works on creating a gravity-wave displacement, but the fact that it has the ability to project the barrel of that displacement to any distance ahead of it means that it has the ability to adjust it’s degree of acceleration, and that it can adjust the bore of that barrel means it can greatly adjust it’s velocity (and it’s potential to do such things as manipulate gravity-space-time).

If you consider a Schauberger Repulsine ‘craft’ doing what it does by mechanical means – the Onion Drive UFO in its beam-drive mode does the same by electrical means but has the power to project its gravity-manipulating force much further. This Onion Drive system is also similar in some ways to a Searl Effect IGV (Inverted-Gravity Vehicle) but then again is much more controllable and infinitely more powerful.

Paul E Potter (13 Jan 2004)


  1. very similar to the reactor/propulsion system the Keshe foundation is talking about.

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