Investigating the Investigator

The following is an incident from “The Stargate Chronicles”, my future book. These incidents are a small part of a greater story, but with them, the Big Picture begins to unfold.

In 1994, I located the former wife of the NASA Senior Scientist who had been at the Kennedy Space Center during the Apollo Missions to the moon. She gave me his address, which was back in Germany where he retired as a Professor.

I thought it would be OK to send him a letter asking him to verify that he and I had discussed UFOs and ETs during my tenure as Director of the NICAP (National Investigations Committee on Aerial Phenomena) at KSC in the 1960s. I specifically requested he verify our discussion of the Juno II nose cone reentry and the “guests of another Intelligence”; that followed it in through the atmosphere.
I waited for a reply. Nothing came.

Chief White Wolf
Then, several weeks later, I received a call from my Sioux Indian Chief, White Wolf. He was excited and told me the following: During the early morning, another Native American Chief had received a telephone call from US Army Intelligence in Huntsville, Alabama asking him very direct and detailed questions about the author of this book. He was asked questions of whether I (the author) had spoken of anything secret or events dealing with UFOs? The Chief said no to everything he was asked. The USA Intelligence person then politely ended the interrogation.

Later that afternoon, two men identifying themselves as FBI Agents from the Pittsburgh Office came to the front door of the home of Chief White Wolf. They knocked and the Chief answered. They showed the Chief their official credentials and began to question the Chief concerning his friendship with the author and brought up the subject of UFOs. The Chief became angry and told them that his friend, McClelland has not spoken of anything other than his support in assisting in correcting the terrible plight of the Native Americans. The Chief then told the two agents to leave his property and not come back.

I later made an attempt to follow up on this matter by sending a letter to the FBI in Washington, DC. I asked them using the Freedom of Information Act what they had in their files regarding me. With all my clearances at Cape Canaveral and the Kennedy Space Center not to mention the US Navy, they later responded that there was no data in their files concerning me. To a normal person, the news would be wonderful, to me, it was a terrible reality to accept. I apparently did not exist where it concerned the FBI. They did not address the fact that I had been investigated and the Chief’s questioned.

Readers, if UFOs don’t exist, WHY DID THEY INVESTIGATE ME? Why would the Former NASA Scientist be so alarmed and cause the US Army Intelligence and the FBI to scramble to interrogate the two Native Americans? Why didn’t the FBI question me directly? Very odd reaction since you and I know that according to the military UFO’s do not exist. Do they?


  1. You’re right, Clark. UFOs don’t exist. Only ultra-fast “weather balloons” do; with unheard of maneuverability compared to known (admitted to) military aircraft :-D

  2. Hey There Stargatechronicles,
    Thanks for that, There have been many ages over man’s history, they mark important and technological changes in cultures’ methods and survival tools. In the Stone Age before 8,000 BC there is an obvious need for hard materials, different types of stone having great significance for survival. Moving into the use of metals around 5,000 BC copper and gold were utilized from ore.
    BTW great blogpost

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