The Arkansas Incident

The following is an incident from “The Stargate Chronicles”, my future book. These incidents are a small part of a greater story, but with them, the Big Picture begins to unfold.

The UFO Crash in Roswell, New Mexico in 1947 is rightfully considered the paramount case thus far experienced by the public in the history of the UFO enigma. Yet, there was another disc recovery disclosed to me in 1994, and it apparently occurred in the State of Arkansas in October/November, 1946.

A former United States Army Air Force Private stationed at Wright Patterson A. F. B., recently came out of the closet and disclosed his experience witnessing a recovered disc which was being stored at building 18 (not yet called Hangar 18). The Private was delivering documents to the building when a friend in his unit, on guard duty asked him if he wanted to see a strange craft stored in the building. He followed him inside and to his surprise, a disc shaped object was sitting on the deck. It was 15 feet in diameter and about 7 feet in width. He said it looked like two soup bowls sealed together. In the center was an 18 inch divider with 10 x 15 inch rectangular “windows” set about 8 to 10 inches apart circling the disc.

This sketch was drawn during the interview session with the witness.

The guard told the Private that several scientists were attempting to gain entry into the interior. They tried to use a diamond drill to penetrate the “glass” yet the drill had no effect on the clear material. There were no visual doors or entry hatches. No insignias, flags, no writing, no numbers. The material appeared to be a mold of one continuous material. It appeared to be brushed aluminum yet it wasn’t. The body inside and out had no weld seams, no rivets, no apparent joining of the skin. They both looked into the interior and did not see anything of apparent interest. No control panels, no seats, no hatches, no entities, nothing. A cylinder was in the center and its wall was about 6 feet from the window. The cylinder was about 3 feet in diameter and possibly housed the power unit

The Private was a Clerk Specialist assigned to interview and classify new recruits to their specialty school on base. The base Commander was Colonel Nathan Twining who would years later be the Chairman of the Joints Chiefs of Staff at the Pentagon.


  1. Ah hah! I always knew it. So, bill clinton (properly pronounced “bilk linton) really is a UFO alien baby! It makes sense, now.

  2. the Baby Boom generation was raised often hearing, “Money is the root of all evil.”

    About 20 years ago I revised that maxim. “Greed is the root of all evil.” Greed for power (1st) and wealth; i.e., material resources of any kind including “human resources”.

  3. For more eye opening information please listen to or watch a seminar with Richard Dolan or some of his colleagues and you are correct sir the corporate entities in control of our planet along with the wealthiest families want this technology or have already acquired it while they spoon feed the masses BS to cover it all up with mis and or disinformation, the truth is really out there and it truly is stranger than fiction!

  4. I spent 9 years in the Army and just had a regular ole’ secret clearance. I wish I would have been around while a fellow buddy with a HIGH clearance was guarding/watching an alien craft. makes me wonder how that base commander became a big pentagon official after, hmmm… I’m telling you GREED is going to destroy our world. Our govt is so greedy and are the biggest hypocrite.

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