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The following is an incident from “The Stargate Chronicles”, my future book. These incidents are a small part of a greater story, but with them, the Big Picture begins to unfold.

NOVEMBER 19, 1996 – Space Shuttle Columbia during STS-80 took a crew of five astronauts into a 17 day, 15 hour and 54 minute mission around the earth, the longest flight in the history of this vehicle. During this lengthy flight a very strange event occurred that even had crewman Dr. Story Musgrave unable to explain what he observed from the shuttle windows.

The Launch of Space Shuttle Columbia on STS-80, 9 November 1996.

A large disc shaped object appeared below the Columbia. The shuttle was approximately, 190 Nautical miles high.

The disc was first observed to miraculously appear from out of nowhere, flying through the clouds below and progressing from right to left as the astronauts stared in utter amazement. The outer rim of the craft appeared to be rotating counterclockwise. It was very large (compared to common space junk and breakaway ice), approximately 50 to 150 feet in diameter.

Astronaut Dr. Story Musgrave, a Payload Specialist on the STS-80 Mission, was interviewed following the flight. As he viewed a videotape of the incident which showed lightning flashes in the atmosphere, the city lights of Denver, Colorado and other earthbound sights, he stated: “I don’t know what it is. Whether it’s a washer, debris, ice particles, I don’t know. But it’s characteristic of the thousands of things which I’ve seen. What is not so characteristic is it appears to come from no where. You would think that if it’s facing the dark side or facing a side towards you which is not reflecting the sun, you would think that you would see something there. It’s really impressive.”

Story Musgrave (M.D.), NASA Astronaut.

During an earlier interview, Dr. Musgrave stated he attempted to communicate with ET lifeforms during each of his six missions. He actually asked them to take him with them. Now that’s an astronaut with a lot of courage. Dr. Musgrave retired after this flight from NASA. Since then he’s been spreading his considered opinion that alien life exists. When Musgrave speaks of this, it’s no great leap for one to assume he’s admitting knowledge of alien life. As the final slide of a “Grey” ET was shown during a recent astronomy presentation by Dr. Musgrave, he made this surprising comment: “These guys are real… I guarantee it!” Dr. Musgrave does know the truth. This author guarantees it!

Consider that carefully. These are world renown scientists making statements almost beyond belief. Dr. von Braun and others of his stature have the courage to disclose “sensitive” information, but obviously the leaders of the USA and the world do not. If billions could find a way of coping with the overwhelming threat of atomic annihilation for half a century, it is reasonable to assume we can cope with the knowledge of these “Other Intelligence’s” from the stars. We can cope with the fact they are visiting earth, and have been since the beginning of history. We must. Those still asleep must open their eyes. We Are Not Alone.


  1. It was surprising to hear Dr. Musgave say, on a recent Ancient Aliens episode, that he had never seen a UFO. I think he went further to state that he didn’t know if aliens existed. I guess they got to him? I really don’t think the show Ancient Aliens really delves into the UFO topic objectively. I know I’ll catch flack by saying this, but if the people on the show were really seeking the truth, I can’t see how the government would let them continue making the show. Perhaps it’s just ambiguous enough for the .gov to let them slide? Then comes the question, are they obscuring the topic enough to stay on the air so that a wider base of people can at least learn a bit about UFOs? And if so is that a noble enough goal to warrant their actions?

  2. To Dr. Story,

    These are inter dimensonal beings this is why it seems
    As if they come from nowhere because they are jumpers
    In a sense jumping from one dimenson to the next.
    Purpose; possibly traders but definitely warping space
    And time to arrive in certain dimensions for certain

  3. Clark , I signed on with NASA in 91, I have seen three dics and one UFO Probe,which was ten feet over my truck just out side of Ellington Field over Hwy 45 and Dixie Farm the Race Track gas station… So, I know we are not alone… I always left this since Rosewell.

  4. dear Danny. Al that you guessed is quite correct.
    I can reccomend you two readings:
    1) The Ra material – a channeling made in 1981 talking from the Genesis to 2012. In my opinion, among all chennelings, it is the more aluable at all.
    2) the interview to Hidden Hand at Above Top Secret
    it is another channeling (sometimes quoting the Ra material itself) but from 2008.
    I think that you’ll be surprised by them and you’ll find every answer.
    Just to advance any your dubt, please, trust me if I say that all that you can read inside them is true. I am not anyone to say and prove it but there is always something more than the ordinary living. I am part of it :-)
    You can easily find me on the web if you need more details.

  5. Mr. Clark, Sir, I’m just an ordinary guy who is very interested in the UFO, USO subject. I have been reading about this subject for more than forty years and what I wrote was a poorly stated summation done late at night when I was very tired and really couldn’t correlate my thoughts and put them in writing. I would say that most people that are curious about this topic do not research the past such as Zacharia Sitchen. I think without a doubt this man is brilliant! I think he and another brilliant writer, and his name escapes me at the moment, have it right as to our origins. It frustrates me so that so many people dismiss the alien subject offhand without any background information and attempt to make a fool out or any one trying to have a constructive conversation about the topic, most often, ” well if they are really coming here, why don’t they land on the White House lawn”. This is the stupidest comment in the world! For many reasons, assuming they would really want to have a public showing for all the peons that have no intelligence or anything to offer. Contact as you know has been established long ago and the government has no reason to inform the public of something that is a giant can of worms. The government is ready for the destruction of the earth and they have their refuge established under ground and maybe even a provision to escape earth when things go bad, either by the direct hit from a comet or the flyby of planet Nibiru. I guess I could go on forever and I’m sure you’ve heard all this before. I’ve never seen a UFO or anything unusual. My opinions come from what I’ve read and the bits and pieces of what makes sense. I think we were the product of DNA manipulation by aliens from the stars and or those visiting here thousands of years ago. That’s the missing link. I think the assumption that these aliens were Gods is just logical. What else would a primitive man think? The ancient Sumerians knew well how it all began. I don’t know why it is so hard to fathom this???? I believe the BIble was a book of fables or examples of how we should live our lives so we might flourish and prosper without killing each other. I have several misspellings but its late again and I don;t really care. What do you think? My name is as stated before Danny Fuqua.

  6. The lack of disclosure from the government is not due to what fears that knowing of their being real, its the fact that once the story gets confirmed , the dig begins. The aliens have been here long before us and are still here under the ground and under the oceans. The real trouble for the government comes when the truth comes out about their secret agreements that involve human abduction and animal abductions. The underground facilities that do DNA research and cross breeding of animals and humans. The cross breeding of humans and aliens… If the public knew of the governments agreements with the aliens for their lust for technology, there would be lynch mobs forming for the elected officials. If they ever had any, the government has lost control over the aliens and the continued abductions long ago. The military industrial complex have smothered the whole enchilata concerning aliens and technology. The aliens in the beginnings of our meetings agreed to a limited number of abductions of humans and a limited number of animal abductions for exchange of alien technology. It was later discovered that they had grossly violated that agreement and was taking humans in the hundreds perhaps thousands. The government realized they could not control these beings and clamped an even tighter control on information. Those government officials have all died off and the military industrial complex and intelligence agencies control everything. They really don’t care what we think or feel about it. If the publics TV is working, then the public is happy, and have another beer and enjoy the games…..The aliens have underground tunnels and bases all over the earth. Theres no stopping them and the pictures of the cross bred animals you see in ancient Egypt writings are real depictions of what the aliens have produced in the past and they are continuing with crossbreeding today at the secret bases such as the Dulce,NM location underground. The sightings of big foot and other unknown creatures are real and have been developed by the aliens and either allowed to escape or allowed out for periods of times for whatever reasons. There are holes in the ground everywhere in the wilderness that are connected to cave systems, this may be their escape route to the outside. There are a large number of alien races here now….. Please respond with your summation…Thanks

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