Sloth Astronaut

Sloth in Space Suit Meme – AstroSloth Astronaut Sloth

Sloth Astronaut is a superimposed image of a sloth’s head on the body of an astronaut. This image has been in existence for a while and became popular through Reddit and Tumblr. Sloth Astronaut was developed by a digital artist known as Pedro Dionisio who was just a freelance digital artist before his work became famous. It was noticed on deviantArt in 2012 after Pedro Dionisio uploaded it.

How Sloth Astronaut Got Popular

Although Sloth Astronaut was first posted on DeviantArt, its popularity only began after it was posted on Tumblr by It creator, Pedro Dionisio. After being posted on Tumblr, it received 112 notes. Although Sloth Astronaut became popular after it was posted on Tumblr, this popularity, however, did not come until it was reposted on Tumblr by queenofsloth. After being posted on Tumblr by queenofsloth, Sloth Astronaut received 9,237 notes in a space of ten months. Two days after Sloth Astronaut was posted on Tumblr by queenofsloth, it got shared on the /r/Trees sunreddit. After it got posted on Reddit, it earned 3,345 upvotes, as well as 1,170 points. While these seemed very good for Sloth Astronaut, it was just the beginning. The “Sloth Astronaut” photo made it to Cheezburger’s animal Capshunz site. After this occurrence, Sloth Astronaut made its way to twitter. Also, it had two Facebook fan pages open in its name.

As a Meme

On the 29th of October, 2012, a Tumblr user with the username “apocalypse” made it known that she got her father angry after she changed his device backgrounds, as well as his account photos to a picture of Sloth Astronaut. That same day, she further made it known that his phone was protected by a password, so she put an image of Sloth Astronaut in a frame on his desk. A day after she made this known, her post was screenshotted and shared by a Reddit user. This post gained 27,581 upvotes, as well as 2,045 votes. The Reddit username ‘apocalypse was not the only person that posted a screenshot of what she did with Sloth Astronaut. After her post got a very high level of acceptance on Reddit, a second Reddit user put up a photo on Reddit. He claimed that he replaced his boss’ family photos with photos of Sloth Astronaut.

Sloth Astronaut’s Biggest Achievement

Sloth Astronaut is no doubt a very popular meme on Reddit and Tumblr. That, however, is not all that there is to it. As a meme, it emerged victorious in a contest that had Lunar Mission One as its sponsor. Lunar Mission One is a commercial space project which was getting ready for a mission to the moon in 2017. This mission had various parts and one of those parts involved burying an “epic record of life” close to the moon’s South Pole. While on the project, LMO sought for ways to get the attention of people to the project as it was crowdfunded. One way it came up with to get the project popular was to make a single picture a part of the project. This picture was going to be chosen by Reddit and Sloth Astronaut became this picture.

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