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Stargate SG-1 was one of the longest series out there that many people remember as a common competitor to Star Trek. The first season aired originally on Showtime, one of America’s top movie channels, and the show itself has received numerous awards and was even nominated for numerous Emmy Awards during its time. If you haven’t heard of Stargate SG-1, then we’ll gladly help to educate you on another one of the most successful science fiction franchises out there during its time. There have even been a good handful of Star Trek cast members that made their ways onto the Stargate, and even Aquaman himself (Jason Momoa) was even a prominent member of the Stargate Atlantis series that came about during the fifth season of SG-1’s running.

The Story of Stargate SG-1

Stargate SG1 actually starts after the 1994 movie featuring Kurt Russel as one of the main characters in which the US government finds an alien device called the Stargate which helps them to access a network of devices just like it on numerous planets. The Stargate SG1 is U.S. Air Force team that was one of the twenty teams to explore the galaxy in search for aliens of different races. Most of the series and its characters take their implementations from various legendary mythologies and Arthurian legends. 

Can the Series Be Watched In Released Order?

While you can always watch the series in the order it was aired and released, it’s very important to note that the overall series actually goes back and forth a lot when it comes to their movies, as well as when Stargate Atlantis came along. Therefore, it’s extremely important to note that if you want the most out of the show, you’ll want to watch it in a certain order, much like other science fiction series out there. There are many guides and resources out there that you can find out how to watch them in order. You can even read our guide, which tells you the correct order to watch all of Stargate in chronological order in order to get the entire picture and the full effect.

The Cast and Crew of Stargate SG1

When it comes to an all-star cast, there have been numerous Sci-Fi people in the cast of SG-1. The creators of the show are Jonathan Glassner and Brad Wright, who helped write other popular shows since then. The main cast of the Stargate Series was:

Jack O’ Neill played by Richard Dean Anderson (MacGyver)

Jack O’ Neill was the main character that Kurt Russel played in the movie and he’s a United States Air Force Colonel and Special Ops vet that ends up picking up the pieces and coming on board SG-1 when the show begins. He had guest roles in seasons 9 and 10, and was a main character of the movie “Continuum”.

Daniel Jackson played by Michael Shanks

Daniel Jackson was one of the few characters who ended up in just about every episode and made appearances, plus was one of the main characters in all seasons except for season 6 (where he had a more recurring role). He was an Egyptologist that followed those popular beliefs of the pyramids being built by aliens. His character was played in the original Stargate movie by James Spader (Avengers: Age of Ultron),

Samantha Carter played by Amanda Tapping

Another one of the main characters in the series. Her role as an astrophysicist actually was one of the two stars that literally was in every episode and film.

Teal’c played by Christopher Judge

Teal’c is a Jaffa alien who joined SG-1 after their pilot episode and he ends up being the only other character that also appeared in every episode and movie without having a recurring role.

George Hammond played by Don S. Davis

Don Davis was a USAF general and he also helps to command the Stargate Command throughout the first 7 seasons with Jack O’ Neill, and then having a recurring role through the rest of the seasons. He made an appearance in the Continuum movie as well.

Janet Fraiser played by Teryl Rothery

This character was the primary medical officer of the Stargate Command and she was responsible for the health of everyone onboard. Her role was mainly through the first seven seasons, and then she guest-starred in season 9.

Jonas Quinn played by Corin Nemec

Jonas was a humanoid alien scientist from the planet Langara. He makes his entrance as a guest in season 5 and was in season 6, then had recurring roles in season 7.

Cameron Mitchell played by Ben Browder

Also known as “Cam” in the show, Cameron was an Air Force Lt. Colonel who comes into play in season 9 until the end of season 10. He was also one of the main characters in both of the movies.

Hank Landry played by Beau Bridges

Henry (as his full name was), was a USAF major general who makes his debut in season 9 and 10 as the main character and in the “Ark of Truth” movie (he also appeared in Continuum as well).

Vala Mal Doran played by Claudia Black

Vala is actually a con artist from an unnamed planet and she was a human host to the Goa’uld Qetesh. She appeared first in season 8 and then had a recurring role in season 9, ultimately having a leading role in the final season and a main role in both of the movies.

Much of this main cast actually had recurring and occasional roles, with a few of them being completely stationary through pretty much all of the seasons. Of course, this wasn’t all of them, but these were the primary characters who were on much of the show.

How SG-1 Got Its Start

While working on the show “The Outer Limits”, both Brad Wright and Jonathan Glassner decided to make something of their own because they both loved the Stargate movie. They each ended up going to MGM to talk about their concepts of the television series and therefore the MGM president put the project on the greenlight and allowed them both to work with each other as the executive producers. The show ended up getting its name after Write simply asked the president of MGM if he should name the title crew after the ship’s name in the movie. After this, the show ended up having John Symes (the MGM president) approach both Greenburg and Richard Dean Anderson. Anderson didn’t want to have such a serious role and the MGM president allowed him to give the commander a little more of a comedic approach compared to the role he was portrayed in Kurt Russel’s character during the original Stargate movie. MacGyver was somewhat of a one-man show, but Anderson didn’t want this, and wanted everyone to have a good plot together, leading to the ensemble style cast that it came to be. 

Casting Calls from Stargate SG 1 Executive Producers

After the first five running seasons, Michael Shank decided to leave the show and this is about the time that The Sci Fi Channel, one of America’s most popular sci-fi networks, ended up grabbing it almost immediately. That’s when they started their first casting changes. Shanks ended up getting offered a more prominent role in season seven so he could return full time and Don Davis, a former Missouri native, ended up falling ill shortly after the seventh season and passed away from a heart attack in 2008 while he was still having a recurring role on the show.

Continual seasons had cast changes over and over again and eventually Anderson left the show so he could spend more time with his daughter and decided to step down from being a producer and lead star of SG-1. Later on in 2004, he received an award for being the executive producer of SG-1 at the Air Force Association’s 57th Annual Anniversary Dinner. He ended up being placed as an official honorary rank of Air Force Brigadier General since he always portrayed the Air Force positively. He has had some small work here and there doing voiceover’s and he has made some cameo appearances as well as done guest appearances on the shows Stargate Atlantis and Stargate universe. He is also the lead producer on various projects since then.

Some Truth About Stargate SG-1?

Stargate was filmed at a company known as The Bridge Studios in Vancouver, British Columbia. The fact that it was filmed in Canada was one of the reasons why the show had become so popular there. The main settings of the show were the sets of the Stargate Command which was fictionally based at the Cheyenne Mountain Air Force Station in Colorado, USA was where much of the show was filmed. The base’s stock shots were filmed by Martin Wood in Colorado Springs in order to use for the pilot episodes. They eventually updated their shots during the beginning of Season 9. Despite being a fictional movie, it in in fact true that the setting outdoors is real.

Another thing people never realized is that since most of the main characters are US Air Force officers, they did end up wearing authentic Air Force uniforms. During missions, they wore the olive green dress uniforms officially worn by the US Air Force in the past. For the alien looks, they ended up coming up with unique races and civilizations that still had human-like features, but much of their art and costumes had original earthen roots in various parts of the world. There are also genuine Air Force Chiefs of Staff that have appeared in a few episodes as well as other incorporation with the United States Air Force. The USAF actually even scheduled some actual air-flights with real fighter jets. There were many scenes that an episode of a season 4 popular episode was also filmed in and around a decommissioned Russian Foxtrot submarine. The United States Navy even let the crew film inside of their nuclear submarine known as the USS Alexandria and even let them use the Applied Physical Laboratory Ice Station for the movie known as Stargate: Continuum, which was the DVD-only release of the movie that was a continuation of the story.

The Downfall of a Stargate Ship

Unfortunately, as with any other television show, there was a fall of the ship (even though they would later come out with other shows. In 2006, the show reached it’s 200 episode milestone, and ended up confirming that it was becoming harder to produce as the prices rose and there was less promotion for the show as a result as well. Many news and media outlets, as well as many fans believed it had to do with ratings, but even Sci-Fi’s very own Mark Stern said that wasn’t the case. The channel even gave the show time to incorporate some of their characters into the new Stargate Atlantis show that they could. There have been rumors that even though the show’s franchise has ended with the ten-episode mini web series showcased and are still available on Amazon Prime, YouTube, and Google Play store, there have been ideas being written about another possible season, which the fans keep hollering for. Aside from being quoted that material is “in the works”, nothing else has been said or heard from and Stargate seems to have disappeared just as many other sci-fi shows of the past.


Although the Stargate SG-1 just over ten years ago, it can still be seen and purchased online. Prime Video has the show available, as does Hulu, a popular television and media provider. Not only that, but you can watch individual episodes or purchase entire seasons on YouTube, iTunes, Google Play, and even Vudu. If you wish to own the entire show on DVD, you can also purchase the collections and box sets on sites like eBay, Amazon, and even Wal-Mart (through a third party distributor in which you can also buy individual season DVD’s as well. Don’t forget to watch the two movies, and if you follow our guide on the watching order that we mentioned above, you can enjoy all of the shows in the way they were meant to be portrayed.

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