Stargate Watch Order

How to Watch Stargate? Watching Order and Timeline

Just about every show out there, especially when it comes to the sci-fi variety, has a certain order that is not how they come out to the general public. That being said, there are always prequels and sequels in the way the shows play out, so the watching order can be critical at times in order to actually follow along with how the story really unfolds. Just ask any Star Wars fanatic and they’ll tell you, you can’t just start out with the movies that came out first in the 1980’s in order to get the story in order. The same goes with the Stargate Franchise. From Stargate SG-1 all the way to the movies and the newer prequel (only available to watch on the web) Stargate origins. 

Why is it Important to Watch the Correct Order?

When it comes to following a series as they came out in the order that they actually aired, you end up getting a lot of things out of order, and there are often many gaps that need to be filled. Sure, some shows may be nice enough to recap older segments of previous episodes for you, but this isn’t often the case. Therefore, when a series comes out and you go “What happened to this person?” You generally have to finish your show and then watch the prequel ones in order to find out later on. Save yourself the trouble and watch them in the on-film timeline order rather than the chronological order they came out and you can get a better idea of what’s going on as you progress.

The Correct Viewing Order for Stargate

Here’s the best way that we can show you in order to get the full Stargate story and know what happens from start to finish. Fortunately, with Stargate, the order isn’t far from how it came out. We won’t spoil anything for you though, but we’ll tell you how to watch them.

#1 – Stargate the Movie

This was the granddaddy of them all. Where you need to go for the first story of Stargate where some of the main characters were first heard of. As always, this 1994 movie is the kickoff and the TV show actually starts where this Kurt Russel and James Spader movie ends, so it’s important to watch this first. This helps you get a better understanding of what happened and why SG-1 came to be.

#2 – Stargate SG-1: Watch seasons 1-7 Next

This series came out in 1997 and went all the way until 2004 before the spinoff show known as Atlantis aired. They had a Pilot special that was called “Children of the Gods” that is literally one year after the film’s story ended (we highly recommend that you use the Final Cut edition, as it’s the most detailed). After you watch these, you can move onto the hybrid watch order of the next series with season 8.

  • Stargate Atlantis: Watch Season One with Season 8 of SG-1
    Since SG-1 was airing as Atlantis begun, it’s important that the eighth show be watched somewhat in conjunction with one another. While there were some separate stories, you can watch some of season eight back and forth, such as SG-1’s New Order episode, then watch Atlantis’ “Rising” episode. Go back and forth throughout the series. You can watch the SG-1 “Moebius” finale before you watch “The Siege”.
  • SG Season 9 And Atlantis Season Two
    Just like the previous season, you can watch SG-1 first if you wish, or watch them in conjunction with each other alternating back and forth.
  • SG-1 Season Ten and Atlantis Three Beginning
    Of course as we mentioned previously, you don’t have to wait to watch Season Ten of SG-1, but due to the references between the two series throughout this timeline, you can watch season 10 with Atlantis season 3 and alternate the same. This season of SG-1 was also the final season to air.
  • Stargate Ark of Truth DVD
    SG-1 released their second movie directly to DVD, but it picks up after the “Unending” episode, so you don’t have to watch the last of third season of Atlantis first. Watch this after season three if you wish though.
  • Stargate Atlantis Season Four
    You can watch season four after you watch the Ark of Truth, because much of the cast changes as this series comes into play. It is one of the landmark seasons after the cancelling of Stargate SG-1.
  • Stargate Atlantis Season Five’s Search and Rescue Episode
    This season of Stargate Atlantis also brought on many new cast members to replace older ones and there is a lot of things that happen and are talked about in the show that puts it right before Continuum. This one is important because if you’re going in chronological order with the in-show timeline, you’ll want to watch this season premier first.
  • Stargate Continuum Movie
    This second official movie for Stargate, this movie is set just after the “Search and Rescue” episode in the Atlantis Season Five. It also has some surprises from one of the SG-1 villains, but you’ll see this in here.
  • Watch Stargate Atlantis SE Five After Continuum
    Now that you watched that in order, go ahead and finish the season. 
  • Stargate Universe: First Season
    One of the attempts to bring back Stargate, season one picks up after the end of Atlantis.
  • Stargate Universe Second Season
    This final season of Stargate Universe is pretty much how the show ends, and unfortunately, it happened as the story was starting to pick up.
  • Stargate Origins (Optional or Watch First)
    This was a 10-part web series that is a prequel to the entire story, however even though you can optionally watch it first, you won’t understand a lot of the references that are made in this mini-series that come about throughout the rest of the show first. Therefore, it was one of the ways they were trying to bring up the new bit of the Stargate franchise, but it didn’t go past 10 episodes. This is only available as a web series.

Conclusion – Stargate Watch Order

All in all, this 354 episode, 3-movie, and 10-episode web series has been one of the most popular sci-fi shows lasting literally from 1994 all the way to 2018, making it one of the most popular shows out there. It is also one of the shows that brought in one of Hollywood’s most famous actors, Jason Momoa (funny he is in Atlantis here too, right?). Either way, you can enjoy the series like this and if you follow our guide, you’ll understand everything from start to finish with this Stargate Watch Order!

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